The benefits of living in the heartlands (suburbs)

Depending on where you live, you’ll either call these areas suburbs or heartlands. The areas are pretty much the same, regardless of what you call them. In most countries, the suburbs are areas which are considered to be part of the city of which they are suburbs of, but are not part of the city itself. They’re more like surrounding parts and extensions of the city.

These areas might sound like they are secondary and inferior to the city itself, but this article will convince you otherwise, in that living in the suburbs is a better and much more fulfilling experience than living in the city will ever be for you. Now let’s get straight into the benefits which living in the heartlands will bring you.

The atmosphere
The suburbs aren’t industrial zones. You won’t have to breathe in any bad air and smoke from the numerous factories which are in the industrial zones of the city. The air in the suburbs is very clean and great for breathing. This is one of the bigger benefits that living in the suburbs will provide you with. The clean air is the result of the lack of pollutants in the air, for reasons which will be discussed below.

Less cars
If you’ve had experiences with the city and its suburbs, you’ll know how much the difference in the traffic is. The suburbs have virtually no traffic at all when compared to the city. This is the reason why the air in the suburbs is cleaner. You don’t have too many automobiles polluting the air as you do in cities.

Bigger houses
The houses in the suburbs are bigger, and yet they cost less than an average apartment in the city. The houses have more space between them, and also have large front yards and backyards, which makes them nice to live in. If you’re a family person, you’ll be appreciating this when you decide to live in the suburbs. You can do all sorts of activities in these houses without disturbing the neighbours. You can have pool parties, keep pets and start a vegetable garden in your backyard, and no one will try to stop you. These are things that you’ll have a lot of difficulties doing in the city.

The open sky
This might not be very important to some people, but to others, seeing an open sky overhead which is not being obstructed by tall buildings is very important. You can easily see the stars at night too, which is nearly impossible to do so in the city.

The trees
Lastly, the trees and greenery in the suburbs give them a decisive victory against living in the city. The greenery in the suburbs will make you feel relaxed more often and gives the entire place a much more beautiful look.

For the reasons given above, choosing to live in the suburbs is a really good choice and should be made if you’re confused between where you want to stay.